welcome. everything I write here is something I felt to be important to some degree; game reviews, life updates/vents, and philosophical musings. I do my best to make my statements truthful. everyone is welcome to post comments, provided they are relevant.


*sigh* still screwed. did I mention I got FFX despite the confiscation? yeah, my parents aren't good at hiding/confiscating.

Mom found GeekMaids in a magazine, said it was a cool idea. I said "sweet" but now I need to convince my sister's freelance computer geek boyfriend to help me with preparation. and the JobConnect people are catching on to my slothness.

If I ever did anything for Haloween again, it'd probably involve rollerblades, a reaper costume, and haunting other trick-or-treaters. of course, this would require careful planning and preparation as well. first, I need custom fitted blades for my big-ass feet, strong enough to keep my big ass off the ground. second, I'd need a black robe that goes just a bit over the blades, though not enough to risk my own safety. third, I'd need to learn to skate without ruining either the costume or myself, let alone the haunt. fourth, I need something for the face and hands to make them more reaper-esque. I once had some skelly gloves, but they were horribly undersized. Lastly, and most importantly, a reaper cannot reap without a SCYTHE! of course, I would not go so far as to use a real one, but it'd have to look creepy enough to make the kiddies pee their costumes.

oh well


yeah, I'm totally screwed. through no fault other than my own. and that really bites. I suppose I shouldn't skip my prozac so much. *sigh*... my computer and PS2 are confiscated. 100% suck. TV is suck. food is suck. sleep is the only freedom I have. well... as a bum anyway. I'm so lucky to have parents that still care. but they still suck too. suck+suck=suck. ergo, I suck. *sigh*...

definitely need that prozac.


eh, robotics didn't work out. seeking employment. need to watch out for the large male that's been hanging on by back though...


eh, the disaster is averted, but I still need to keep my ass in gear to prevent the burning of the self by the teachers and the parents. oy.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is fun. even though I cheat my way through it. strange thing, when I have it on lowest quality, there are parts where it still frame skips, and it is not affected on higher quality settings. bah. very fun game.


I am sooo screwed. missed a week of school, including a couple of tests, and my excuse is not legitimate. well, I haven't consulted a doctor about my sleeping troubles, but I fear it's psychological, and I don't have time to deal with that crap. my medication only keeps me from getting pissed off, and even then it's mainly to get off my dad's back. aaaaagh.... *brain imploding*


you all know what a trebuchet is, right? can you imagine someone who has too much time and money, and gets the idea for building one? I saw some of that on TV. now he's got the idea of building one something like 10 stories high out of steel. yeeeheheheheee. I wanna see some of that shit.


I've neglected to mention I got Myst 3: Exile as well, very close to the time I bought Maximo. like the other Myst games, this bugger is tricky. there are several paths that are near impossible to spot, so you need to keep your eyes peeled to the retina. it might help if you turn the lights off so you see more of what's on the screen. also, back-tracking is inevitable, so keeping transition speed up is good. the interface has been changed to a spherical photograph, if you know what I mean. you can look in every direction from the spot you're standing in, although the spots are specific. scenery quality has improved, and the movies, when you find them, are AWESOME. especially in Amateria. I recommend it. wether you cheat or not, is completely up to you. (makes shifty eyes)


i have a serious hate/love relationship with Maximo. ya see, even with the locations of every hidden chest at my disposal, that's only part of the mastery meal-ticket. you have to find EVERY enemy and kill them outright, and you need to collect EVERY item placed in the stage. it's MADNESS! by the way, if you're playing this game too, good luck finding ALL the tar zombies in 'Dem Bones. bwahahaha.


ya know what? I'm not gonna buy kinetica. why not? because it's HARD. I'd love to play this with my biddies, but we never have enough time co-ordination to get together while renting a game. BUT, I did buy Maximo, and that's going swimingly. guess I can't deny what I'm best at.


agh, I start college tomorrow. so uncertain.... but to keep me distracted from such trivial concerns, I have two more rentals! all hail blockbuster.

First thing I tried, being the uber old-skooler I am, is Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex. plot, as usual is at a minimum, and there are lots of crystals and gems to collect. the premise this time is that the evil spirit is pissed at the decrease in evildoing. they decide to release the elementals, earth, water, fire, and ice, in conjunction with Cortex's new friend, Crunch (another bandicoot). the crystals seal up the elementals, but you learn at the end that the gems can revive them. enter the uber old-skooler. this game is actually a challenge if you want to get all the goods. there are five levels requiring that you acquire time-trial relics, five for each level (meaning all levels need a relic). unless you have nothing else to do, you won't finish this game 100% unless this is a 7 day rental, which it wasn't.

Next in the line-up is Kinetica, my new favourite game! this thing rocks, and I normally don't play racing games. to show my age, I'll say that this game reminds me of F-Zero and... a game I remember featuring unicyles. these guys and gals (2:6 without special characters) have got wheels attached to their hands and feet while they cruise on anti-gravity tracks at speeds of 300-600 km/h! the scenery is absolutely stunning and guaranteed to get in your way as you fly through the air performing one of several stunts which grant you booster fuel once you land. thanks be to blockbuster for printing the stunt maneuvers on the back of the box. anyway, in season mode, you compete whith a slew of opponents, 4 of which will give you a particularly bad time, the rest of which get in your way. if you manage to complete a season, you unlock the next season. if you get 1st in all races, you unlock a special track. if you get 1st on that track, you get a special character! it's hard to decide which one I like best. one last thing, when you complete a season with a character, you'll get to see them without some of the gear.

yeee, I must buy Kinetica. if only I didn't like pizza so much... heh. later y'all


*sigh* i suck. it's a general feeling of suckage. i'll be going to Algonquin soon for robotics stuff. first term anyway.

Okage, for the PS2, is not my bag of nails. to me, it is slow, and the humour gets old. its only redeeming quality is that it is a 7-day rental. however, were i fresh blood for the console rpg, i am sure i would enjoy this game immensely. but i don't so too bad. would rather have rented... parappa 2.

finally got the Time Disorder disc. asked for it a year ago. but i'm not bitter. the site slogan is very much true.


recently rented two games that I now love.

Final Fantasy X beats the pants offa the rest of them. I'm not gonna go into details, but I will divulge my secrets to success: save the quest for last. don't follow the red arrow until you've explored everywhere else. well, unless you're on a time limit. also, don't be afraid to switch members. everyone has their strengths at the beginning. but one really important thing is to give Yuna some exercise IN battle, even if it's just healing and magic defense, otherwise the aeons will suck when you really need them. and exploit their elemental strengths. I sometimes summon Ifrit when fire users arrive, cause all they can do is heal Ifrit while he uses a normal attack.

aaahh, anyways, it's a cool game

the other one is Maximo: Ghosts to Glory. remember ghosts & goblins? ... I don't. but this game is really good anyway. It REALLY satisfies my need for old-school adventure. a cool review and an excellent rank at Gamers.com. (edit: it's been removed)

and that, as they say, is that.