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Update, Update, UPDATE

Damn, being the only one to have a walkthrough on Dr. Muto is freaking awesome, but at the same time, I get these THINGS, I think they're called... E-mails? I get about 1 or two per week. I'm happy to help most of the people who come my way, but when it comes to something I haven't completed yet, I feel like such a bastard for slacking off. Truth is I love games Far too much, but I have a habit of taking looong breaks from some of them that get on my nerves. I started the Walkthrough long before I reached that impass, so I had no idea how I'd deal with it if I got, god forbid, BORED with it.

Also, I have the curse of being born WITHIN society, so I have certain obligations relating to earning money and giving it to people who allow me to live. Lucky for me, my parents aren't broke, so I can survive without too much worry, but once I fail to pay the monthly bill, it's Good Bye Entertainment. I'm waiting on a youth-in-residence thing at SAW Video so it'll be a few days before I got NUTS looking for a job.

Of course, I'm still a big fat slacker. I'm SO sorry for those I have yet to give useful information. I recommend hanging around the GameFAQs Message Board so you can get help from more people than just me, although I seem to be the only one answering questions.

Oh Oh! Fredric Mora (Midway Product Analyst) sent me an e-mail:

"Let me be the first person to congratulate you on being the FIRST PERSON EVER to even begin attempting to write a FAQ for DR. Muto.

"I am actually a Midway employee and I must say you are the first person to ever break the perception that no one would ever begin to figure out this game and that's mostly because the game is just awfully designed, has pretty bad controls, (and as you start playing into Flotos) how ambigous some of the mission objectives are. Don't even get me started on the numerous bugs you can use to exploit gameplay in MUTO.

"A lot of the co-workers and I in my department had a running gag that no one would ever bother to begin writing a FAQ for this game since only like 10 people have bought this game so far and that they would likely give up halfway through Aquem.

"But overall I am certainly impressed with your efforts on your FAQ. That is highly ambitious."
And then he gave me his e-mail address so I could ask some questions. But don't expect him to get any tips on beating missions.