welcome. everything I write here is something I felt to be important to some degree; game reviews, life updates/vents, and philosophical musings. I do my best to make my statements truthful. everyone is welcome to post comments, provided they are relevant.


here's a summary of my e-mail conversation with Scot Amos, presently senior producer at Maxis division of EA Games, one of the gods of gaming

Scot: Your walkthrough is AWESOME. Say, do you have any interest in game design or game testing?
Me: umm, yeah, very much so
Scot: How would you like to be an intern at our Vancouver office?
Me: lemme think - HELL YES

So, now I'm looking for somewhere to stay there. It's a bit tricky when it's on the west coast and I'm more eastern inland. Hopefully, those who know me and also know Vancouver can help set me up with something at least temporary. Of course, I don't plan on moving there until I Get the job, but we're talking about an Opportunity of a Lifetime. My Dream Job. I'm going to do whatever it takes to get to my goals. Opportunity is knocking - ON MY FOREHEAD.


oookay, I'm fairly certain Stig put his face in Gauntlet: Dark Legacy as well - While playing the carnival level, I noticed the sideshow carts as usual, but the face on each of them looks very similar to Stig's face in Dr. Muto...


Well, the most recent e-mail has some useful info regarding secret character identities, but it's not so important for me to post a walkthrough update, so here's the e-mail:


"Glad to see someone played the game we worked so hard on… :) I’ve got some info on who some of the secret characters are if you care… MINISCOT is Tim Sanders he was lead programmer on the project for a little while then went to Circus Freak Studios (actually to take over my job and I eventually joined the Dr. Muto team… Amusing, eh? The game industry is small.) We called him Mini-Scot to annoy both him and Scot Amos (the producer on Dr. Muto) because he was a smaller version of Scot… You’ll find that most good teams in this industry really insult each other a lot – it makes it a great place to work (and lends itself to lots of in-jokes in the games).

"Also, STIG is Stig Amussen (I’m sure I’m spelling his last name incorrectly, if you want check the credits). He was an artist on the game, and put himself in as a secret character…"

-Joe Straitiff
former Senior Programmer at Midway on the Dr. Muto team
make that Four people from the Dr. Muto team....


I like burning money. unfortunately, burning money implies that I have time, and if it's not spent cleaning my room, I get in shit.

I'm starting to feel giddy from the praise I'm receiving from people that were on the Dr. Muto team. well, it's only three people, but when one of them was the PRODUCER, you start feeling important. he's actually going to send me "something", and I'm pretty confident it's neither explosive or infectious.

occasionally I keep track of my game collection using IGN. Xenosaga would be better if there weren't so many pauses between sentences, or if it were a bit quicker overall. you know, make it MORE like an anime. I'm liking .hack//infection too, very mysterious; a game about playing a game with really nasty bugs and lethal consequences. State of Emergency (read: anarchy in the guise of freedom fighting) is fun. Haven is a good game, but then it ends... Enter the Matrix is NOT as good as it should have been graphics-wise, and the story is mildly interesting. save some money and stick to the movies, unless you feel like getting EtM anyway.