welcome. everything I write here is something I felt to be important to some degree; game reviews, life updates/vents, and philosophical musings. I do my best to make my statements truthful. everyone is welcome to post comments, provided they are relevant.


To all the people I meet during the courses I'm taking at Algonquin;

Hi, my name's Chris Young. I'm attending Algonquin for the 3D Game Animation certificate. My personal interest in video games probably started around the age of 4, when my dad had a Commodore 64 and Amiga. I've since grown up to be an average geek, with a great confidence in my ability to navigate a computer. My musical background dates just as far, as both my parents are avid singers. I went to the Canterbury Arts High School in the Vocal Music program, where I excelled in performance and ear-training. However, I hit a rough spot in grade 11 where my marks in music history and theory slipped below the acceptable level. I finished high school in an alternative program that allows students to complete courses one-at-a-time, and managed a pass in OAC English.

One of my favourite courses in high school was Communications Technology, where we learned the art of audio and video production at a rudimentary level. This course inspired me to become and audio technician or engineer, in addition to instilling a general hatred towards commercials. However, I missed the sign-up deadline for Radio Broadcasting at the time, and my mother insisted I take another program for the summer. I made the mistake of taking Electro-Mechanical Engineering: Robotics, and got so bored with the subject that I didn't think to withdraw before the deadline for that. From then on, I was pretty much on my own for paying my way through college. However, my parents are still letting me sleep in their house and eat their food, as well as a few other luxuries; so I have nothing to complain about, though I always do.

While working at Radio Shack, I thought I might try my hand at writing a game walkthrough. For those who don't know, a game walkthrough is essentially text-based instructions of how to complete a game. I had two reasons for this; the game I was writing for, Dr. Muto, is tricky to get a 100% score, so I wanted to help people help me by describing what I had accomplished already; also, I've heard there's money in writing proffesional walkthroughs, so I might as well start somewhere.

Anyway, a few months after completing this walkthrough, I recieved e-mails from people who were actually on the production team for Dr. Muto, with information about some glitches that we had observed and codes that no-one had discovered.

The most important of these was teh one I got from the senior producer of the production admiring the work I had done on the walkthrough, and he asked if I was interested in game design or testing. I replied with great thanks and asked about an internship at EA Games (his employer at the time) and he told me to send him my resume. Two things prevented my internship; all the offices are way to far from here, and I don't have any resume-worthy game design experience.

From there, I went to the IGDA and found a list of schools with appropriate programs for the inustry of game design. I noticed the Algonquin certificate program, but decided it was nothing compared to what the IGDA was offering and promptly forgot about it. After an informative visit to the IGDA, I learned that I didn't have nearly enough money, and went back to earning small ammounts of money for myself. By this time I'm a security guard making $7.50/h with under 30h/week on average.

Then, one fateful day, about a month ago I guess, the Source came as usual, and I decided to take a look. Then I saw the 3D Game Animation certificate. I think I spoke of this in an earlier post. Anyway, that's about it for back-story.

My personal interests are mainly video games and music, but mostly video games. Lately, however, my electronics have been breaking down on me. My stereo doesn't give sound to the right speaker, my PS2 doesn't read blue discs and is easily affected by heat, and my computer was acting up on me. The PC is mostly okay now that I have Windows XP, but it didn't help that I had WinME, which is largely regarded as a mistake on Microsoft's part.

I don't get out much, and I certainly don't talk much, as you've probably noticed, but where facts are concerned I like to speak up. Well, it's not so much the talking as much as actually starting a conversation. You can tell that I have plenty to say just by reading this page. Anyway, I think I've exhausted my need for conversation now, so I'll leave the rest for some other time. I'll be seeing you then.


okay, so I'm still employed. after reviewing my schedule, it seems there's going to be a lot of time for me to do something along the lines of getting paid for crappy shifts. Single Camera Video Production starts today at 7pm, but I'll be looking forward to the PhotoShop course this weekend, as it gives me a legitimate reason to get out of a particularly crappy shift I was going to do.