welcome. everything I write here is something I felt to be important to some degree; game reviews, life updates/vents, and philosophical musings. I do my best to make my statements truthful. everyone is welcome to post comments, provided they are relevant.


I've been helping a group of people new to Dr. Muto on the GameFAQs message board.  apparently, they collectively recommend, buy, and play games as a group, or at least try to.  I should consider joining this activity.  in any case, my complete knowledge of the game has proven invaluable to at least two of these people, Old Lady and Sadieanne.  I gotta say, they're quite amusing.  helping them has been largely satisfying, and a nice pick-me-up for my ego.

I just noticed, that Blogger has offered me a Gmail account.  I am so there.  doesn't matter what it's like, it's a new e-mail, and one that sounds cooler than doctabasco83@rogers.com. don't worry, I'll still be checking e-mail from that account for a while yet.


so, my semester's pretty much over. 3 courses down, 4 to go. I had signed up for all 7 of the 3D game animation courses, but one got cancelled, I dropped another after that to attend a wedding (the reception was good - I went to see Chronicles of Riddick) and the last 2 modelling courses had no patronage. next semester then. If you're looking for files I had hosted for single camera video production, you're s.o.l.