welcome. everything I write here is something I felt to be important to some degree; game reviews, life updates/vents, and philosophical musings. I do my best to make my statements truthful. everyone is welcome to post comments, provided they are relevant.



i feel kinda disappointed when i don't have e-mail in my gmail. it's kinda my fault for being so paranoid about it though, which is silly because of all the spam protection. the only reason i'd not use it is because of automatic email harvesters. it's basically my address, but without the 83, and it's gmail. i know there are certain character codes you can use, but they can't be used on everything, and i'm sure some harvesters have caught on. it's just silly paranoia.

evil spam. i don't care that I have a spam filter! just getting spam AT ALL irritates me! it makes the e-mail address seem tainted.
you know, i thought the lyrics were "Let's get it started!"

and then i heard it after 11pm. (the site has the least ads of the few i bothered looking at)

The strange thing is that I think the other one sounds better. i'm in it for the music after all. it's a bonus if the lyrics happen to make sense and fit the music.


i'm wondering if i should start using a new alias;

fat cactuar

why? because it more accurately describes me now than my current alias, which a) reflected my desire for a doctorate of some kind and b) sounded clever with my liking of hot sauce. ya know, DocTabasco. the new alias reflects that i'm a) fat, b) prickly (lotsa hair) and c) obsessed enough with video games to use a monster from the Final Fantasy series in my alias.


there's about 4 games i want to play right now
Maximo vs Army of Zin
Final Fantasy VII
Megaman Zero 2

as you may have noticed, none of them are Dr. Muto. this is how things usually are when i feel like i'm in a slump. I don't know what the slump is, but it has definite slump qualities; i'm pining for money, sipping a bit more baileys than usual, and i'm just a wee bit lonely. aside from that, i'm just an average loser... no wait, those actually make me an average loser...

and i still can't decide what to play.


i need moneys bad

i really need a laptop. lately i've been feeling that i really need to write something. I've been getting a lot of reading done lately... mostly because of the increase in shifts. both are good things. however, books can only do so much to curb the boredom of the shifts, and gameboy games don't burn enough hours, or do a very good job of entertaining... or at least the one's i've tried. so many dreams lately, too. i dreamed about being at hogwarts, or some other magic school, except i'd returned after a long absence, and was just going to get administrations cleaned up and settle in, and then there's a disturbance in the main hall that i get in the middle of, but it feels like i can't do anything, but i'm not worried either.

too much anime. i've been watching love hina via desync.com. and i have a shift at 2pm today... until 3 no less. and now i can't sleep? i was tired enough to stop watching love hina. my adrenaline must be keeping me awake now. this bites. making too many typos too, but i seem to be catching them...