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Evil Genius: things to know before you start

Evil Genius is not an amazing game, but it is very nifty. I like to say it's a cross between Dungeon Keeper and The Sims. You must carve a base out of a mountain on and island of indeterminate location. You recruit and train minions who do all the hard work of running an island base; they man the security pannels, staff your hotels, and defend your base, all at the cost of draining the minion's statistics - health, loyalty, smarts, attention, and endurance. Various facilities can be built to regenerate minion statistics, and the many loot items you acquire will help with this. You can't control minions directly, but you can give your henchmen direct orders to kill or capture agents. Use your evil genius avatar to prioritize tasks and execute weak minions to boost the stats of others nearby. Of course, a wide range of traps will be available to do in any pesky agents snooping around your base.

Anyway, there are several good things to know before you start playing that can make your life as an evil genius drastically easier.

1. Easy money. BEFORE you interrogate the maid, and thus complete your first objective, you can send as many minions as you want into a world region without having agents raid your island due to the heat you gain. With this in mind, you could use more minions to do the stealing. At the beginning, the most reliable way to do this is to build more lockers in the barracks; 50 should be enough, but if you seriously want the 100 minion maximum, then you probably need 90. With the minions taken care of, you should size your strong room at about 5x7, with two squares on one side for a security door and a briefcase rack on each side. Why only 5x7? I'll cover that next. Sending 50 minions to a region with a $9 rating (like the Mid-West or Middle East) will net you $20000 per minute, since that is as much as they can give. Now, let the game run while you do something else, like planning the rest of your base, or playing some Halo, or whatever tickles your fancy. It shouldn't take more than a few hours, especially if you send another 40 minions to another region.

2. Do NOT collect more than $10 million. As I read in the EvilPlanet forum, there is a bug that, when you get to your second island and your minions try to put money into your strongroom, suddenly brings your total money to $0 and screws up the interface bar. At that point, you will be 100% screwed - you would not have had time to dig out a new strongroom or control room, and trying to stop your minions from putting that gold into the small strongroom is like trying to hold on to a fish in the air with your feet.

3. Do not steal everything your minions discover on the world domination screen. Having a lot of loot could cause some of it to go missing when you go to the second island. You're better off just stealing a few pieces of loot with research potential *cough*mercury mirror*cough* in adition to the über-loot and the rebuilt totem pole.

4. Finish all the objectives (main and optional) for the first island. they will not be available on the second island. Actually, I'm not sure if the spare über-loot will be unavailable, but it wouldn't hurt to get them sooner than later. unless you've already stolen a lot of loot, and don't want to risk the wrath of my 3rd piece of advice.

5. Keep your notoriety low on the first island. At certain levels of notoriety past 100, the super agents will start hounding you, and they can't be killed until the second island, where their weaknesses will be made known as optional objectives. If you go out and accomplish every act of notoriety as soon as you can, you're going to be up to your genius brain with agent troubles. You will need a total of 200 notoriety to get to the second island, at which point 2 out of 5 super agents will be on to you.