welcome. everything I write here is something I felt to be important to some degree; game reviews, life updates/vents, and philosophical musings. I do my best to make my statements truthful. everyone is welcome to post comments, provided they are relevant.


i lost 6 pounds :O

wish you were here

CoH is very nifty. Task forces are very long series of missions ending with a big super villain showdown. I have only finished the easiest of these, and the next one took 4 guys 3 hours to clear 4/5 hideouts of Clockwork. maybe we were doing it wrong, maybe we needed more people, the point is that it's a huge commitment, since you can't quit without starting all over again.

a brief lesson in slang

"shit" vs. "the shit"
shit: not good to a high degree
the shit: good to a high degree

here's an example using two shows on Teletoon;

Megas XLR is the shit
Bromwell High is shit


my thoughts on City of Heroes

in brief: easy to pick up after WoW, servers don't do stupid shit while i'm getting pummeled, but may be lacking in the "neat stuff" department.

Granted, I only have one character at level 12. I hear most of the neat stuff gets unlocked when you've reached certain levels, but i can't imagine anything particularly interesting. other than the peacebringer/warshade freaks that is... in any case, the most i can see you getting is custom titles, power enhancements and costume changes, and in a city full of heroes it just seems kinda inadequate. though those warshades are pretty cool, and i haven't really plunged into the community.

like i said before, I'm looking forward to CoV.


when City of Heroes came out, i was somewhat intrigued. when I asked my friends if they were also intrigued they replied with a "not so much" or something similar. Now that City of Villains has reared itself from the depths, I am doubly intrigued. also, the "collector's edition" was the same price as the standard edition. and it's a whole 5¢ cheaper per month than World of Warcraft. speaking of which, it's been losing it's grip on me lately for whatever reason; guild falling apart, servers falling apart, computer crying every time i step into Orgrimmar... whatever.

I bought The Minish Cap today. the rental was 2 days late...

I still need to register for some more of that thing, uh, what's it called? edikayshin? something like that... and I'm seeing a diet coach or something this afternoon.