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the idea that your spirit is removed entirely from this plane of existence to live in perpetual bliss/anguish is wholly selfish. to be moved to another plane would seem to indicate that your spirit no longer has any effect on the mortal plane. but even in death, the acts of those who have "passed away" leave marks on the world and those in it. carving a path to hell or paving the road to heaven is not about the destination, it's about the marks you leave. to truly leave this world, the path you walked would need to be repaired, paved over, or otherwise forgotten. your personal salvation/damnation is just a result of the road you create.

if you believe in fate, then it's the road you take, not create. certain paths have clear consequences while others are foggy. just because there's a fog doesn't mean you shouldn't take the road. turn on the fog lights and check the map for the route you want to take. don't have either? sucks to be you.

people can't really take the same road as you, but they can reuse the building materials and schematics, or continue the path you started, or add lanes to it.

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Do you remember the early 90s?

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