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that smell? it's me, locked in my room.

haven't been feeling quite right lately. I think I found the problem.

So. The Burning Crusade was released. my highest character is still only 57, but that's only because of all the alts I have.

I had a PvP encounter with a Draenei shaman earlier. Unfortunately for him, he was retarded. first off, he attacked me on sight, ignoring the angry spider next to him. second, I was 2 levels higher than him. there was no contest. What I can't figure out though is why he was running around Astranaar instead of through it. All I can think of is that he forgot he was Alliance.

My main characters on Sargeras:
Gajing, 57 troll rogue, miner/goblin engineer
Velystra, 22 blood elf warlock, herbalist/alchemist
Varkos, 6 blood elf paladin (I plan on leveling this with my friend)
My other characters on Sentinels:
Moganda, 34 tauren druid
Kayronne, 21 draenei shaman
Varkos, 8 blood elf paladin


video: 23 minutes in hell - Bill Wiese hell testimony

got the link to this video from a friend who's been trying to save the souls of the D&D group I sometimes hang out with, which he is also a part of.

It should not offend you when someone cares for the safety of their eternal soul. However, it might be taken as a slight by the overly proud that you think their soul needs to be saved. I'm not one to say who is or isn't going to hell.

People generally fear what they do not understand. If you don't understand religion or belief, you should not be afraid to ask questions, and look for someone that can answer those questions, even a few conflicting opinions if you have the time and attention span.

this video is really long (1h 30min), and not something many would bother themselves to watch, so here's a rundown of what happens a list of my reactions to the video... feel free to post comments in response to the video or what I've said here.

Chris' Notes

-semantics: read my other philosophy posts
-abuse of science: total time of earth's existence used to make an improbability sound probable (number of people predicting Jesus' birth over time)
-the audience = sheep (oooh, the bible predicted scientific theories! spiffy, lol)
-Edit: there's a few people in the audience that like to pipe up when they hear what they want to hear - they're the sheep I'm talking about
-there was a blank when he was talking about Israel? did he say a bad word?
-abuse of science: His hand is as big as the distance between us and the Andromeda galaxy (God's big LOL)
-18:25 he finally gets around to visions
-19:40 starts talking about his experience
-(sounds kinda like an alien abduction... but maybe alien abductions are like this)
-(i guess it depends on the alien doing the abduction? heh. uh... this comment is not relevant)
-spoiler: hell is torture
-hell is 4000 miles under the earth?
-the "sheep" sound most impressed when he says his story fits with the bible
-pit with no bottom = center of earth, 'cause all ways are up -_-;
-40:10 starts getting pulled out
-40:40 bright light (audience goes YAY! GLORY TO GOD!)
-Jesus = love. is this news?
-some Christians don't believe. is this news?
-(So Jesus says to me "Go out there and herd them sheep, cause if you don't I'm throwing you back ;P lol j/k")
-God is coming very very soon. is this news?
- too many people are sheep. Go do stuff that makes the world better.
DO IT. DO IT NOW. Or, find a leader you can get behind. God wouldn't be a bad choice.
-46:38 Preaching 101
-returns to body
-52:40 the wife speaks
-(apparently there's someone else in their church with the same experience. something in the holy water?)
-1:01:08 intro to public testimonies
-1:08:20 video testimonies
-montage of hell sequences... kinda old though
-"Other religions are false! be saved by Jesus!"
-6 minutes of bluescreen at the end. GJ noob

this video is an attempt to get people to believe in hell, and entice people to get saved based on its existence.
Would it not be easier on the soul to believe in a better future?
it seems to me that the people who get these visions and are most moved by them are the people that have the most fear and the most to lose

my serious question: what exactly does it mean to "get saved"? surely it is not a simple matter of believing in Jesus and the word of "God"?