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work work

I am employed; sports dept. started on the weekend. I'll be in electronics eventually.




the Movies in 30 Seconds (And Re-enacted by Bunnies) series has been positively prolific compared to when it first started, kinda like... some... animal, whose name somehow eludes me...

life update

SO, I passed the part-time courses from January-April:
Programming II ... A
Operating Systems (Linux) ... A
Data Communications and Networking ... C
Financial Accounting I ... C-

Not bad, if you consider how much I DIDN'T study.

Presently trying to get employed at Wal-Mart with my already-employed best friend. They've asked for a 3rd reference, but they weren't specific about whether they needed a work or character reference, so that will be dealt with today at some point.
My parent's got a puppy. It's adorable. I can't stand it!


Storytelling vs. Gameplay: Can't We Get Along?

This sort of article is why I let fileplanet fill my inbox."Everyone wants more stories in games -- at least they say they do. But what does that really mean? And how do you create a meaningful story in an interactive medium? Fargo takes a look at the differences between Hollywood and games, the techniques developers can use to tell stories in games, and what we'll see in the future."

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Does God Exist? The Nightline Face-Off (Doc's Notes)

So, this was brought to my attention by the same guy that ever brings up religion that I know. It took me a while to find the video, so here's a link. it's cut into parts so you'll have to bear a few commercials. There is a hottie involved, if you need more reason to watch it.

edit: FYI, we're talking about God existing as an omnipresent entity

I'll summarize it as I view...

religious guy starts off by ignoring sciences, and then states that the existence of an object such as a coca-cola can is evidence that there was a creator of the coca-cola can, as his first argument for God's existence.

While us humans are intimately familiar with the coca-cola can, it does not mean that the creator exists. to be precise, the can was created by robots created by humans, and both levels of creator could cease to be before the can ceases to be. In any case, it is the features of the can that prove the existence of an intelligent creator, as opposed to a natural force like gravity.
religious guy shows that he has no concept of proper scientific procedure, since observing that an object of any complexity exists doesn't determine how it was created.

Basically he says there must have been a Creator because it exists, but doesn't really say anything about the Creator still existing.

He continues by elaborating on how awesome the human body is, it couldn't possibly have formed by chance. nothing to specifically debunk evolution.

He then says that the Builder will do stuff for you if you have faith in Him. where does that even come from? how do you go from objects existing to personal favors from someone you've never met, and with whom you have no means of physical contact? he then preaches about belief and how atheists suck.

His second argument is that humans have a conscience that puts us above animals, and how we punish wrong-doers and animals don't. except that I'm pretty sure some do. apparently we have a "distinctive knowledge of right and wrong". I'm pretty sure he meant instinctive, and that's wrong in either case.

However, he goes on to say that the conscience is sealed from the outside, so the only way to get at it is with the ten commandments. What A Load Of Bull. That just makes the ten commandments the guideline for one's conscience, regardless of what was being used before. he goes on to explain how closely you must follow the commandments to avoid going to hell on judgment day.

His third proof is the radical nature of conversion. apparently, people who are desperate for forgiveness of their sins will gain knowledge of God. he says that if you do not understand the Gospel, you will not respond to the Gospel... um, duh? how old is the Gospel anyway? Isn't it time for a re-write? Anyway, the rest is preaching. sounds like God is an experience as opposed to an entity, which is more in-line with my understanding of God, even though I'm sure he didn't really mean it that way.

The Atheists speak. he's clearly irritated by the religious guy. one thing he says perks my ear; "what contribution to mankind has religion delivered in the same time frame where science has contributed immeasurably?" spiritual unity for one. there's something to be said for herding the easily led into a shelter of just causes, away from the corrupt and exploitive. it's just unfortunate that the corrupt can still pretend to be a just cause to rope in the gullible and uneducated.

Anyway, he turns it over to his hot accomplice, and she explains why science is cool, and why you can't prove that God exists scientifically. shame her voice is so shaky. She spends the rest of her time mocking religion in general, and finishes off by mocking the belief that faith is all that is necessary to be in God's favor and stay out of hell.