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Equinox: Defender of the Horde

this is probably the most enjoyable web-based WoW story I've ever read. Sadly, it has just been finished, but the archives are there for all to enjoy.


I'm an uncle :D [link]

edit: Ottawa citizen page removed, will replace as soon as the dad (Rob) gives me something to use


global warming must-see, pass it on

no seriously, watch this if you have uncertainties on global warming or have just plain ignored the issue. it's slow to load on youtube so check out slide for a copy (it looks like it's loading when you still need to hit play, fyi).


Guitar Hero III

It'll be about a million years before I can pull this off...


GameFAQsCharacter Battle '07

L-block wins over Link, Cloud and Snake. I think the opinion poll is apropos for the whole thing: